Phone calls are preferred:)

 Please use my email address as the contact form doesn't seem to be working or I haven't figured it out yet:)

Crescent Kat Cornish Rex

Mesa Arizona


Please email or call & if you email, EXPECT TO Speak To Me as I like to get to know the people that my kids will own forever:) So if you email  please provide your phone number & a good time for me to call you back:)


We've decided not to ship any more;

There are too many factors involved including working with the Pet Nanny's schedule & varying factors like weather & weird things that happen at airports to delay flights, also it's getting too costly as well & it's almost cheaper for you to fly or drive & AZ is beautiful & warmer too:)

Our life is put on hold for 2 to 6 weeks & we are on call daily until your kid/kids fly & it is just too stressful for me & you.

We  CAN NOT meet you at the airport any more, but you are more than welcome drive to our house & pick up your kid &  meet  the parents.

If you fly into Phoenix to pick up your kid/s be prepared to buy a ticket for them as well to fly home with you, approx. 100.000/125.00 or the going rate at the time ( you need to reserve your kiddie ticket with the airlines) & two can fly with you at this price in one carrier ( YOU MUST PROVIDE CARRIER) which must be airlines approved plus health certificates which are 75.00 per kitten which includes rabies, we need at least 2 days notice to get the kid/s to the Vet & 24 hours after the rabies vaccine before your kid/s can fly.

I always  send a heater to put in the carrier to keep kid/s warm when driving or flying.