Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat

Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat

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29 years Experience

I breed for health & personality & every cat that has entered in this house has been leukemia tested to ensure a safe & healthy cattery which is only 2 rooms now to ensure they get plenty of attention which is a full time job in itself & I love it:)

All kids are sold as pet quality & if you get a potential show cat then great for you, but I am not a judge nor do I pretend to be:)

I have never ever inbred one litter of kittens & I never will!!

All kittens are vaccinated  twice with the 3 way killed vaccine before leaving here at 11 to 12 weeks old depending on litter size & your life style. They need to stay here that long to build up their immunities  & to be with their moms. All kittens are CFA registered & come with  CFA registration papers for you to register them in the name you choose, shot records & assorted brand new toys to start them out with. Prices are 900.00 unless you want a brown tabby or blue tabby , lynx point or brown patched tabby ( tortie/tabby) & then they are 1100.00. Red tabbies are still 900.00 as they are easy to get. Deposits are 1/2 the price of a kitten. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE BUT APPLICABLE TOWARD ANOTHER KITTEN FOR UP TO 1 YEAR!!!  You can an do Paypal for the deposit & if it comes out of your bank account it's free, but if it comes from a credit card  then they charge 3.75% which you are responsible for. I also take money orders & personal checks for deposits only.

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Jeanette Douglas

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions.  Please email directly to crescentmoon7@msn.com as I'm not sure the contact form is working or more than likely I don't know how to set it up. LOL! :)

Crescent Kat Cornish Rex

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